A bowl full of writing, creativity and me in it

This page is not only a about me page it is special as it is about me and writing. Writing. All of we do it in different ways. Some show creativity in their writing and others do it because they have to do it. We do not usually need to identify which one of them we are. We know it ourselves and that is what happened with me.

Poetry. People write it for fun and some for experiencing the beauty in it, they feel each and every word. Words are treasures that each child tries to increase as they grow. I started with words. Sweet words on a soft paper. As  writes we love the scribbling of pen and smell of fresh paper. We call cute notebooks our treasures and books are friends.

I am not only a writer. All have talents and because of God’s blessings I am blessed with lot of them. I am artist, singer, poet, writer , reader and a sports player. On this site one can also get posts related to these talents.

Our actions plan our Destiny. So keep the right actions and have a right destiny.



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