Wattpad Weekly Treat #1 : Once Upon a Royal Nightstand

How many of you are Wattpadies? I am.

I’ am sure half of you are. Presenting,a weekly segment for you. Wattpad Weekly treat here we will discuss a fantastic story on Wattpad an review it.

I have a secret. Do you know what my favourite tag on wattpad is? No? It’s ‘Student/Teacher’. Yes, I’m not joking but don’t tell my teachers.

Here’s today’s treat. Enjoy!

Book: Once Upon a Royal One-Night Stand

Author:  Aria May

Username: ThatReader

“Oh my god, you’re P-” 

“Prince Matthew Chamberlain III. Nice to meet you too, naked stranger”.

This is not a Student/Teacher book. Think about it,you are a normal girl, studying in a college and then your life changes. It turns magical. Magical in a Royal Way. You might have an idea of what the story is about just by the title. This book is a book which is gaining popularity very fast. This is a must-read. 

This book is both funny and serious. I am sure that you’ll enjoy reading it. I won’t disclose any more of the book plot as I want you to read it. It is not yet complete but Aria updates on time and you will never be able to lose your interest in this story. Enjoy!!!


Plot: 5/5 


Characters: 5/5 

         I love them!

Language: 5/5 

      Anyone can get what is            written

Bye!!! See you soon. Be sure to check it out. 


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