A turnover


A whole new world

I have been inactive on my blog lately. This was due to a huge change in my life. I have shifted to a new city.
It feels like leaving a world you knew so closely and settling in a complete new place. My whole world, friends were turned upside down. But as we humans are social animals we are fast at interacting and adapting in a new environment. I don’t think that I will much difficulty in adjusting to a new place.
Here is what I have been doing:
The Symbol by Dan Brown
The Mystery series by Enid Blyton
Animal Farm
Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christe
Ted saves the World
I will soon give you the reviews. I am waiting for J.K Rowling’s eight part of the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Cursed child. I also wanted to read Chris Gayle’s Six Machine.
Summer Holidays are a huge boring time for kids. I would suggest that they read books such as Hardy Boys and the Mystery. If they are more in the classic side better read Great Expetations and To Kill a Mockingbird. They can also Sachin Tendulkar’ s autobiagraphy Playing it my way and Chris Gayle upcoming auto biography ‘Six Machine’.
All the names of the books given will soon be reviewed by me. So stay in touch.
I would finally give a thought for the week:
Writing is the art of expressing your thoughts on paper. You can make it a trend or a carrier but trulty it is an art and the person has to feel the art, the power of writing to write. He can write without it too but it will not be as good as that.


About Yashi Tripathi

Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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