Review 7: for the Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire

Review 7: Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

  • Plot: 5/5
  • Characters:3/5
  • Language: 5/5

This is the very best book one would like to enjoy in a comfortable, cozy bed.

Story is tangled:

Harry Potter and his friends, Hermione and Ronald are at their fourth year at Hogwarts.

The Tri-wizard Tournament is being held at Hogwarts.

Triwizard Tounament

It is a championship in which three champions from school; Hogwarts,Beauxbatons and Durmstang compete for the Triwizard cup. This time there is a age restriction.

Harry is not allowed because he is not of the required age.

The goblet of fire, an impartial judge decides which champion is to be taken.

Miracley, Harry is chosen. He has to fight and win the tournament or at least survive. What will happen? Will he live or die?


This is not yet. I will tell you one thing. This book is the book where Lord Voldemort returns to power. But How?

To know it, read the book.

Merry Christmas!


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Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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