The Legendary Dragon

                  The Legendary Dragon

The story is of the time when magic was used.

People had learned many forms of magic, they worshipped magic. Every land had magical creatures.

There was also a land where dragons resided. Many people in this area claimed that they had defeated a dragon but no one had actually.

There was an eighteen years old boy, Matheus. He had yellow, neat hair and a muscled body. Though he looked muscled he was often teased by other people. The reason was that even if he could do very powerful magic he never demonstrated it in front of others.

One day when he was drinking soup someone knocked at his door.

He went to the door to find an old man, leaning heavily on his stick.

He opened the door to let the old man sit but the man said “No Matheus, listen carefully. You are precious and kind my child. They all will die the dragon is awake the enchantment is lifted”. Then he disappeared.

Matheus knew that the man was talking about the legendary dragon and the village would be destroyed. He had to save them.

He drew up a horse with his wand and sat on it. He went towards the mountains. Mountain air greeted him.

Matheus looked around. There were cherry trees and long fir trees with their brush like leaves.

The grass was covered with a sheet of dew. Small droplets of water kept falling from the trees.

Matheus kept riding his horse and finally reached a cave. The cave was big enough for a dragon.

“Dragon, the great, mighty, Dragon, listen to me. I have came here to warn you not to attack my village” Matheus said.

The dragon came outside. It turned out to be a very large green creature with patterned skin. Its eyes were red. It had purple wings and large paws.

“Rrr.., Matheus, fight then” the Dragon roared.

Matheus made a sword and stood ther. The dragon sent a gush of fire straight at him.

Matheus dodged and jumped at the top of the Dragon’s head. It shook violently but Matheus tightened his grip.

Next, Matheus perched his sword in the dragon’s eye. It cried in agony.

Matheus jumped down and with his wand healed the wound.

“Thanks, you are very kind, err can I be your pet. My name is Sky” the Dragon said.

“Sure” Matheus said. He climbed on the dragon’s back and it flew and landed in his village.

Everybody was surprised.

“He is my master” the dragon roared and from then no one teased Matheus.


About Yashi Tripathi

Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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  1. RedHeadedBookLover says:

    Hi there! I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this blog post of yours! It was so amazing. I just checked out your blog because of this and I couldn’t help but press follow immediately because your blog is both amazing and beautiful! I am so happy I came across your blog. Can’t wait to read more from you, keep it up (:
    By the way this comment is towards all of your blog posts because they are all amazing!


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