Man of Destiny PART 2

I could not manage typing weekly but here is next part. Please give your feedback.

Ch-3 the new member: Flame girl

‘Sammiel do you know that a new student will join our class today?’ asked Dank ‘Her name’s Daisy, Daisy Markyem.

‘I’ll like to meet her’ said Sammiel and went to his classroom.

‘Students we have a new friend today welcome her Daisy Markyem’ said Professor Lockhart and a thin, tall and beautiful girl with a face as white as snow entered the class. ‘Hello everybody I’m Daisy Markyem your new classmate and I’ll try my best to be your friend’ said she in her polite voice.

‘You can sit with Sammiel, there on the first bench and I tell you that he is the topper of the college’ said Professor Lockhart and Sammiel blushed red.

Daisy sat on the bench Professor pointed and Professor started his lecture on Hydrodynamics. After two hours it stopped and all they left the room. Sammiel and Daisy left the room together.

They both were moving outside when Sammiel peeped through the window and saw that there were more insectious outside and then turned to Daisy who too was watching outside the window.

‘I want to tell you something’ said Sammiel. ‘Me too’ said Daisy. ‘Then I’ll do it practically and if you can then please’ said Sammiel and went to the corner where he again dressed as Man of Destiny.

Daisy also did the same she came after two minutes and then Sammiel saw her carefully. She was dressed in orange dress with flames printed on it and there was a title ‘Flame girl’. She also had a mask, orange colored that only covered her mouth.

‘Let’s go’ said Sammiel and they all went outside as she came Flame girl shot flames across two of the insectious Sammiel kept swinging the insectious up and down and shot laser across them. He saved himself from the attacks done by his opponents by jumping here and there.

On the other hand Flame girl started to burn the insectious and swing here and there. As they both blasted one insectious other came. Man of Destiny had to climb the rooftops to save him as altogether the insectious were shooting him.

He held Flame girl and ran on with space. After absorbing much energy to throw her high, He left her and she flew in the air shooting flames at some of the insectious. Still there were many insectious left so Sammiel tried hard to shoot his laser beam at minimum mode. He tried hard and then it happened a huge wave of laser surrounded the remaining insectious and the fight was over.

They both transformed in what people knew them as.

‘Hey wait a minute’ Sammiel called as Daisy started to move. ‘I know what you want to ask me but first I don’t want to tell you’ said Daisy and went off.

Sammiel disappointed by Daisy’s answer went home and switched on the television. The headline was ‘Home of superheroes: New York City’. And then the anchor announced that the person who takes a photograph of superheroes will get one thousand dollars reward.

Then Sammiel bored by seeing the same news went to his room and wrote a full page in his diary about his laser powers and maximum mode. When the page was written he went to his bed and slept comfortably leaving all the stress given by the day.


About Yashi Tripathi

Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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