Book Review 1: Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

                                 Emily Bronte

This is a well deserved book review for the famous classic Wuthering Heights. Many of you may have read it. It is a very beautiful work.

I would rate it as follows:

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Language: 3/5

Interest: 5/5

There is lack of humor and cheerfulness in this book. But the story is complex and simple. The characters are made carefully and the whole story is like a beautiful web.

I would also like to give a short description of the story:

The story is narrated by the character of Mr. Lockwood. He comes at a tenant at Thruscross Grange. The owner Mr. Heathcliff lives in Heights. After a visit to Heights he listens to the story of Heights from Nelly also called Mrs. Dean. She worked as a maid at Heights first and then came to Thruscross Grange.

She tells him them the first owner was Mr. Earnshaw.

Earnshaw- Cathy, Hindley. Heathcliff is found on the streets of Liverpool.

Cathy marries owner of Thruscroos Grange, Edger Linton.

Cathy and Edgar- Catherine

Hindley- Hareton. Hareton is kept as a servant by Heathcliff when Hindley dies.

Heathcliff marries Edgar’s sister Isabella. All Heathcliff does is to take revenge from Hindley for his insults.

Heathcliff and Isabella- Linton. Cathy and Isabella die after giving birth to their childen. Heathcliff forces Linton to make Catherine love him. Linton always had problem with his health and later he dies. Catherine is forced to marry Linton when her father dies. Soon Linton too dies. Finally, Heathcliff dies and Catherine and Hareton start fancing each other and get married.


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