Man of Destiny Part 1

I have decided that I will write weekly and post some pieces of my work. I am choosing a Science-fiction novel, Man of destiny. Here’s the first part.

                                                                 Man of Destiny

Ch-1 eight years ago


‘Let’s come eight years ago in the diary of a thin, shy and small boy Sammiel Decruz, a student of class seventh at New York Public School. He lived happily with his scientist father Michael Decruz and his mother Narley Decruz, the manager of trading company YT enterprises.’

‘But one day his father handled him a recording and said that this is for Destiny. After two hours his father was found dead.’

‘After this Sammiel played the recording- My dear Sammiel sorry for leaving you but it was for Destiny and when you are nineteen you have to save the world. The time will come soon and promise me that our secret and this recording will not be revealed, it will be hidden even from your mom. Now the truth is that when you were only five years and I was performing a laser experiment you came inside and as I was wearing my laser suit so nothing happened to me but the powers got stuck inside you and because of that you are no longer a normal child but a boy, with laser powers. I hid the truth from your mom. On your eighteenth birthday open your cupboard there is birthday present open it. Remember not to tell your mom, time will come soon.’ Said an eighteen year old Sammiel.

He went to his mom a thin, yellow haired woman. She said ‘Happy Birthday Sammiel.’ Sammiel replied ‘Thanks mom, and I am going in my room to get ready for college’ and he went off.

He opened his cupboard and saw a box. He opened the box and saw that there was a full green T-shirt with a title printed in front of it ‘MAN OF DESTINY’ at the back was a wheel. He also saw green pants with black stripes. And under all was a green mask that would only cover his mouth. Sammiel stood up stuffed the suit in his bag; he also stuffed his books and went to his mom. ‘Mom I’m going to college, Bye’. Said Sammiel

Riding his bicycle Sammiel was going to college but in the way his friends Dank and John stopped him. ‘Sammiel come and join us ’said Dank. ‘Sorry guys but I am in hurry’ said Sammiel and went to his college St. Francis Universal College for Science and Agriculture.

‘Very early Sammiel’ said Sammiel `s professor, Professor Serase Lockhart.

‘Professor I wanted to borrow some books from the library. Please don’t mind if I go to the library. ‘Will I’ said professor and went to his classroom.

Sammiel rushed to the library and borrowed some books on LASER. He went to his classroom where Professor Lockhart was waiting for him.

Ch-2 Laser Research

‘Laser …… hmmm. Are you interested in Laser?’ asked Professor Lockhart surprisingly. ‘Yes professor I often like to collect information on different topics and it is one of them’ said Sammiel and concentrated on his book.

He opened the first page of the book.

LASER- Light Amplification by stimulated emission of Radiation. Laser is a device that. …

‘Students we will study chemistry today’ Sammiel listened the voice of Professor Lockhart, kept his Laser book inside his bag and took his chemistry book outside.

The lecture on Hydrocarbons went on and on. At last after two hours or more it came to a halt. Professor Lockhart told everyone that they were free to go home.

In the corridor John and Dank joined Sammiel. ‘Hey Sammiel will you like to join us in the café? We will have great fun there. ‘Sorry friends I can’t as I will be busy reading the books I borrowed from the library ‘answered Sammiel and went on riding his bicycle all the way home.

When he came home his mother offered him some juice and sandwiches to charge-up. Sammiel after having the food offered by his mother went to his room and started reading the Laser book with great interest.

Laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of radiation. Laser defers from other sources of light because it emit light coherently. Spatial coherence allows a laser to be focused to a tight shot, enabling applications like laser cutting and lithography. Spatial coherence also allows a laser beam to stay narrow over long distances [collimation], enabling applications such as laser pointers. Laser can also have high temporal coherence which allows them to have a very narrow spectrum, if they only emit a single color of light.

Temporal coherence can be used to produce pulses of light-as short as feta second. Lasers have many important applications.

This picture shows the caution sign for Laser-

He finished the book in no time and then thousands of questions laid in his mind. ‘Really I do have laser powers’ ‘What will I face in the future?’

‘Sammiel dinner’ called his mom. ‘Coming mom’ replied Sammiel and walked to the dining table. ‘Study over?’ asked his mom. ‘Yeah’ answered Sammiel and helped him with some food. After some time he finished him supper and saying ‘Goodnight’ went to his room.

Again he sat with his book again and again turning the pages and at last he slept cozily clutching his pillow.

He had a dream in which he was fighting for the planet. He woke up straight in the morning when his mother shook him.

He had the breakfast hurriedly and was going to his college when in the way he saw a television. A news channel was running on it the headline was ‘Schools and colleges closed because of some creatures attacking the city’.

‘It’s the time’ thought Sammiel and went to the corner. There above his own clothes he started to wear the clothes given by his father.

He came out completely dressed as ‘Man of Destiny’. He sped towards the place where the attack had occurred.

There a team of blackish green creatures with red teeth and big tentacles awaited him.

‘Who are you to come and stop an insectious?’ asked a heavy throated insectious. ‘Man of Destiny the guard of New York city ‘announced Sammiel and tried hard to shoot a laser beam but nothing happened. Then he remembered his father’s words that he had to try from his heart not his mind.

By the time an insectious shot a green light right against Sammiel’s chest by which he collapsed in the air and felt a bit backwards. Extracting all the energy the attack had loosened Sammiel by his heart tried to shoot laser with his hands pointed towards the insectious. As he did this an insectious turned into small little damp pieces.

Now there was a real fight. The insectious started to attack. Two of them tried to shoot laser from both the directions. Man of Destiny bent down in time and they both were killed with their own shots. One and only remaining insectious attacked him, Sammiel held his tentacles, jumped into the air and shot laser right at the mouth of the insectious.

The fight was over Man of Destiny went to the corner dressing himself as Sammiel but he saw that he was highly injured right across his chest. He had medicine in his bag.

Sammiel rubbed the wound with medicine and tied it with a piece of cloth. He placed his T-shirt on and went where he saw the TV screen that he had seen. And to his own surprise he saw the headline was ‘New York City’s superhero: Man of Destiny. Sammiel went home unsteadily. His mother asked him that he was well or not. ‘Yes’ lied Sammiel and went to his room where he slept in no time.


About Yashi Tripathi

Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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