The Treasure Map

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Ander and Lara Tennyson were two orphans and siblings whose parents had died in a car crash. They were archaeologists, who lived at the end of Weldeb’s Street.

“Ander we need a new car, I am telling you this fifteenth time” Lara, a tall, beautiful, young woman said.

“Lara I promise that we will have a car till the evening. I am going to an auction. Today there are many cars on sale” Ander said, a young, yellow haired man.

Lara climbed the stairs to her room. He walked to the auction. There on sale was a Ford Mustang 60.

“I want this car” Ander thought. At the en d of the auction he had the car. He paid the money and then walked home.

“I think that they might have vacuumed the car already but we should also check” Lara said when Ander came home. She went inside the car.

“Whoa, Ander have a look at this” Lara shrieked.

“What” Ander said and walked inside the car. There in Lara’s hand was a ancient piece of paper with markings on it. Then Ander realized what was it ‘a treasure map’.

“What will we do with it” Ander asked.

“We will hunt for the treasure come on Ander, we are archaeologists awaiting some adventure” Lara said. “But how will we find out where the treasure is? It can be anywhere” Ander said.

“We will search and match the latitudes and longitudes on it” Lara said and sat next to the computer. She scanned the map and searched for the same latitudes and longitudes.

“Matched” she said. “Where” Ander said.

“Amazon forest” Lara said and pressed some keys again. “I have booked online tickets for tomorrow. We should better pack”.

They packed some archaeological objects and other necessary equipment. Next day they boarded the flight and reached Peru.

“We will take some horse from a stable nearby and then ride to the forest” Lara said. They walked to the stable. An old man was waiting there.

“I am Halder Mugwrap, the owner of this stable. How can I help you” he asked.

“We are Lara and Ander Tennyson, archaeologists. Can we take some of your horse” Lara said and Ander bowed.

“Of course, take these” he said and handed them two horse one black, the other brown.

“Thanks” Ander said and they rode to the forest. After three hours they found a decent place in the forest and slept there on hammocks.

Next morning they ate their food and then again climbed on the horses. “The first sign. A tree with a ring around it” Lara said.

“There” Ander called at a banyan tree which had a ring type branch tied around it. They went west and found the second sign post.

“Where now?” Ander asked.

“It only shows a X” Lara said.

Ander, accidentally lost control of the horse which ran into a tree and broke a branch apart. Then the trunk of the tree lifted and a tunnel replaced it.

“We have to go down” Ander said.

Lara tied a rope to the top and the other end to her and jumped down. Ander followed.

They reached a dark tunnel. They lit their torches and went deeper and deeper. There on a rock was a giant chest. Ander opened it. It had jewels, diamonds and many other things in it.

But it also had a tiny torn album. LARA OPENED IT. SHE SHRIEKED.

Ander also looked at it. It was a album full of their parents’ photos.

“You know what it means” Lara said.

“Yeah, that car was our parents’ and this treasure was their” Ander said.

They took the chest and the album. In their backyard they buried the chest and kept the album with them.

“Whoa, Ander came look” she shrieked.

“What?” Ander said and walked inside the car. There in Lara’s hand was a piece of ancient parchment with markings on it. Then Ander realized what it was ‘a treasure map’

“What will we do now” Ander


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Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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