My second book- Five Adventurers in the dark forest of mystery

   Five Adventurers

  In the dark forest of mystery

a small extract from my next book;

The holiday trip055

The summer holidays started and there was joy filled in the heart of every student of Kopperbery High of technological studies.

Five students walked out of school when the bell rang. There were two twins a tall girl and boy with brown hair and green eyes named Diana Wyndam and Jack Wyndam. Their small brother Karl was a boy with black hair and brown eyes. They turned back to their cousins Ellie and Samuel Brown.

Ellie was elder than Samuel. She had yellow and long hair, her eyes were blue. Samuel was brown haired and brown eyed.

All the students were good at studies. Diana and Jack worked on computer technology. Karl was good at mathematics and answered each and every question.

On the other hand Ellie worked on mechanical engineering. Samuel admired robotic and had made many handy-dandy robots.

They all lived in Seumerset Georgia, a city in UK as their mother’s had sent them for better studies. The Wyndam family was very rich. On the other hand the Browns were a middle class family.

The children went to their homes once in four years.

The girls stayed in Marceline’s girl’s hostel. Marceline the warden and the owner of the hospital was a strict lady, tough to handle.

The boys lived in Francis’ boy’s hostel. Francis was a kind person and easily believed anyone.

“So as our exams have finished and the results will come after our vacations where should we go?” Karl asked.

“I think in some forest. A forest is usually full of adventure.” Samuel said.

“Yes, we our adventurers and we love adventures. Karl then how about the hilltop forest” Ellie said.

“No full of flowers” Karl said with a grin.

“I have a book in my bag about the forests in Seumerset. It will help us” Diana said and took a large book out of her bag.

“What were you doing with a book full of forests?” Jack asked.

“Nothing just thinking about knowing our city” Diana said and opened the book. “There’s maple kingdom, north forest and something called Dark forest”.

“The last one looks interesting” Jack said and looked at the picture. “It says that the forest is full of mystery and myths. A gorilla has harmed many people in this area but that could also be a myth. Decided, we set for there tomorrow. First we will cross a set of villages and then will spend the other days in the forest. Pack some electrical equipment, food, clothes, binoculars, magnifying glass, laptop, camera, tools and other important stuff. Girls we will pick you up from the hostel. Be ready by nine. Bye”

The two boys waved bye and walked back. The girls also turned and started walking.

“I think that dark forest is an unpleasant place. By the name only we can see that how mysterious it is” Ellie said as the girls walked to their hostel.

“Where mystery goes five adventurers are sure to find and solve it. I will check on net about the place as soon as we reach our hostel” Diana said and in few minutes they reached the hostel.

Till that time boys had also reached their place and started packing.

“Is it safe to carry a laptop in a forest?” Karl asked.

“If it’s not then also we will carry” Jack said and stuffed his laptop in a bag.

On the other hand the girls had finished their packing and started to use their laptop which they would pack after the use had been finished.

“Let’s search – Dark forest” Diana murmured as she typed the words. “Yes! It says that it is safe but not perfectly. People can go there but usually don’t go”.

“So we go but I am packing food cans, bread, beans and lots of food. If we were to stay there for weeks then we would starve” Ellie said as she packed these items. Finally Diana packed her laptop and all other things and the packing was over.

Boys had also finished their packing and were sleeping cozily. Girls too fell asleep after having their food.


About Yashi Tripathi

Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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