Writing Prompt — 5


Anna Dobritt -- Author


You have bought a used car at an auction. While vacuuming the interior you find something. Write an opening for a story. 100 Words or less.

The Map 90 Words

Lennie dragged the vacuum over to her new used Civic. Not bad for fifteen hundred dollars. She opened the front passenger door. Still, they could have vacuumed the interior before the auction. Before flipping the switch on the vacuum, she slid the seat back. Under the seat a piece of paper protruded. “What’s this?” She pulled it out, and studied the image. A map piece with runes written across one side and a brief note: Need to contact Dr. Argus at the university. This might be what he’s looking for.

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Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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