Life of a spy

The life of a Rich spy

  •                                                      written by- Yashi Tripathi
  • This is a small extract from my book ‘Life of a rich spy’

In this story the main character is writing these memories in a diary that’s the reason why I is used.


I am the one about whom you will learn in this chapter. Let’s start from my childhood the beginning.

Let’s flip through the pages that have never faded.

I was nine years old, small boy with blue glittering eyes, brown hair and with a height like that of a nine year old. My father was a very rich businessman. He was very famous and in field of trading his name was very famous it was ‘Harry Lukewalker’.

I didn’t like him much as he was hungry for money. He had a hunger that never died. He named me Alex Lukewalker.

As I didn’t like him I didn’t like the name also and this was the first step towards my future I changed my name and kept it ‘Alex Bond L.’.

From that day no one knows my full name and I also didn’t like it to be discussed.  Time went by and two years passed. I took my interest in computer and spies. I dreamed of adventures and expeditions.

I started to read spy novels at the age of eleven. My height increased and my knowledge too. Let’s move now to the time we are going to talk about. My mom and Dad shifted to North of Europe and left me inside a mansion in Night York City, America with Miss Bee known as Sofia Beethehale. There were drivers, chefs, waiters etc. who cared for me and the mansion. My age is thirteen years and I study in seventh standard. I was about to go in eighth standard. My interest continues in computer and spies. I am always the topper. My teacher likes me because I make very good reports and write very bright essays.

Miss Bee often said “You are not like your father. You are the best child I ever seen”.

I liked her very much and I thought that she was my only family member present in the city. I had friends all over the school after I showed my friends my intelligence. I was never fond of popularity and thought that I didn’t deserve it.

The robbery: first case

That day like every day I was going home. But this time something was special. I was going home with my friend Max and my summer vacations had started.

This time something was wrong in the riverside police station. My friend and I went inside the police station.

“Is there something wrong officer?” I asked. “Yes, there is a case in which I don’t believe in what the suspect says and we want someone to spy on them” replied officer Pen.

“We will help” said both the children together.

“If you want to help then you have to spy around them. If you find any signs of theft then report to me. While spying on them you have to be alert and remember not to get caught. You have to spy on all of them. I’m giving you the details”
said the officer and handed us a report:

Case no. 303

A diamond goes missing from the City museum. The diamond is the oldest and worth hundred million dollar. It goes missing during one of the exhibitions.

Suspects are:

Mr. Jonathan Fierd

He is the security in-charge of the museum. As he knows everything about the security, he could steal the diamond.

Miss Alva Semon

She came to visit the museum and was closest to the diamond at the time of robbery. People observed her roaming around the diamond. Her nail polish bottle was found near the diamond case.

Mr. Svetalk

He is the sweeper of the museum. His shift was on another day but he exchanged it with another sweeper to be present on the day of robbery.

I read the details and closed the file.

“First, you have to be completely ready for spying. So, go home and pack a small bag. You can pack a sharp edged object perhaps a pen knife, paper and pen, a camera in case you have to snap some photos as evidence, a rope if there is a place you have to climb, a pair of gloves, binoculars, a toolbox, a tablet for some computer operated passwords, take some evidence bags from here and you can add some things that come in use. But remember not to carry too much load” said the officer and handed me some evidence bags.

I went home and quickly packed my bag. I packed all the things the officer told me and also packed a magnet, a map of the city, a torch, a magnifying glass and small amount of food. I also packed two hats, two sunglasses and a scarf for disguise, one set for my friend and the other for me.

Next day at eight o’clock in the morning I went to the riverside police station and waited for my friend Max to come and join. As he came the officer wished us good luck and informed us that the “The first person you have to spy on is Jonathan Fierd and that he leaves his house at nine o’ clock. Jonathan is not allowed to go to the museum. I am allowing you both all time access to the city museum”.

We both started our journey to Jonathan’s house. At eight thirty we reached the house. We both came in disguise. The hat, scarf and sunglasses were at their respected places to hide our identity.

We both hid ourselves at the back of a big bush and we could have a good look at what was happening at the door.

At nine o’clock Jonathan came outside and started walking over the path. He was a tall man with bushy yellow hair. We both waited for him to move a bit far and then followed him.

We followed him very far till he came to a restaurant and sat on a table. We also sat on a table next to him so we could easily hear what he said.

The waiter came there and Max ordered a coffee.

After some time, a bald headed man came and sat on the table where Jonathan was sitting. As he came Jonathan rose to welcome him.

The coffee was ready on our tables. Max and I each took a sip and quietly listened the conversation.

“You are ready” said the bald headed man.

“Yes, Mide” said Jonathan.

“So you really want a new job” said Mide.

“Yes, probably in some big company as Security head” said Jonathan.

“Then I will talk about you in ‘Megarats’, one of my friend works there” said Mide and they both started to eat their lunch silently.

We both went outside and I took a photograph of both of them in case it might come in use.

“I think that we should go and check his house” I said. Max agreed too and we both went to Jonathan’s house. As we reached there I informed Max to wear gloves. I took out my binoculars and peeped through the window.

“The way is clear” I said and tried to open the door but it was locked. “Let me do it” said Max and handled me a bunch of keys each used to open a different lock.

Max examined the lock and selected a key from the bunch of keys.

And as he placed the key in the lock, the door opened and we came inside the big house. The house had a big hall. There was a television, a coffee table, a sofa and a dining table in the hall that we entered.

“What must be the reason for applying for a new job?” asked Max while examining a large shelf.

“He must have robbed the diamond and he is afraid for being caught” I replied and started to walk inside a bedroom. There was a brownish mat with some pieces of leather on it.

I collected the pieces and placed them in the evidence bag.

As I went inside the kitchen I found some pieces of paper scattered on the floor. Max and I collected the pieces of paper and tried to fix them together there was an address on the paper: 66 MF, lane. There was a phone near the gas stove and the last call was to some company. I also checked the bathroom and the storeroom.

We both placed the papers in evidence bag and I scribbled some notes on a paper about the bald headed man, the job and the address.

Our next plan was to go to the place where the address belonged. We both went to the place and discovered that the address belonged to a security company. At the reception I took out information about the company and we both went out. We both ate some food and reported to the officer and told him everything about Jonathan, the bald headed man and the address. Max told him about the leather pieces and gave him the same evidence bag that contained the leather pieces.

After that we went to our houses and planned that next day we will spy on Miss Alva Semon.

The officer had already given us the information that “Miss Alva works in a trading company called Night York traders. She had taken a leave”.

Next day we directly reached Miss Alva’s house. Miss Alva had already left the house so we decided to search it. We went inside the house by the same trick. As we went inside the house we found cosmetics and perfumes all over the room. We made our way all over the house and found a button on the floor. We collected it and kept it inside our evidence bag thinking that it might come in use.

We checked the entire house including the bathroom but found nothing. The bathroom was very wet and that told that it was used some times ago. That meant that she was not very far from the house.

When we were ready to go back Max found some footprints that came through the window. We measured the length that was thirty nine centimeters and the design was that of gents’ shoes that are not normally available.

We took the impression of the design on some clay. We went out of the house and locked the door. As we left the street, I saw Miss Alva in a cosmetic shop.

We both also went inside and saw her at the billing counter. She was a thin woman with brown hair and a glowing face. She had purchased only one item, a nail polish bottle.

As she went outside the shop, we followed her. She went to her house and we turned back.

I quickly scribbled the notes. I reviewed the notes to check whether I had missed anything. After I finished scribbling notes, we both sat on a bench trying to arrange the events together and solve the puzzle of the missing diamond.

“I understood” I said.

“What?” Max asked in a puzzled way.

“You remember that the officer had said that Miss Alva’s nail polish bottle was found near the diamond case. And today we found some footprints and a button in her house. She also went to the shop to buy new nail polish bottle” I said.

“What does that mean?” Max asked.

“That means someone have stolen the nail polish bottle from Miss Alva’s house and kept it near the case. The footprints and the button we found belong to the thief. And the thief had also taken a round of Jonathan’s house the leather pieces belong to the same shoes whose footprint we found at Alva’s house.” I answered.

“Why the thief did take so much risks doing this all?” asked Max.

“Because he wanted Miss Alva to be blamed for the robbery and not him” I said.

We both went to the police station and told the officer about all the events that had taken place.

The officer tapped on my back and told us the address of the sweeper and where he went to work.

The thief

As planned next day we both were ready to do our job. We both went to the houses where Mr. Svetalk came to sweep.

We enquired the owners of houses about Mr. Svetalk. They all told us the same thing that he had not came to work on that day. We all were more alert by now. We all searched the neighborhood but nothing came in our hand. So we decided to check his house. Inside the house we found the map of an underground tunnel, inside the tunnel was some type of machine that worked like a lift and the tunnel was build under some structure.

A note was fallen on the ground. The note had an address on it.

Now we guessed that the deal may take place on that address. I called the police and told about the address. And now we both were set to go in the museum.

When we reached the museum we checked the diamond case and found a lift tunnel in it as shown in the map found in Svetalk house.

“It is operated by a remote” I cleared.

We both went to the Police station. I told the police about the evidences and the clues found. Officer Pen asked for them and I handed them to him.

Then the officer went out of the police station and after one hour when he came back he told us that Mr. Svetalk is arrested, put in lockup and the diamond is returned to the museum. He also told that the thief first made an underground lift and controlled it with a remote.

He peeped and listened to Mr. Jonathan’s every meeting and then on the fit day he stole the diamond and placed Miss Alva’s nail polish bottle near the diamond case.

The case was solved and officer Pen said “I must tell the public about your bravery”.

“No officer we both want to work as private investigators, if any other case comes in which you want our help then tell us. We are always ready.” I said and Max nodded.

We both went to our home and had a comfortable sleep in our houses.



About Yashi Tripathi

Interested in reading and writing interesting books. Is an independent writer and waiting for her books to get published. Is knowledgeable on topics such as painting, sports and singing too.
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7 Responses to Life of a spy

  1. Udai Bhanu tripathi says:

    Book is very interesting especially for children as well as grown ups.u must read


  2. Fab book yashi and best of luck for next books.


  3. deepak says:

    Interesting story. Keep it up


  4. ramkumar says:

    I like this is very heart toching.


  5. Anushka misra says:

    Really awesome… No child can write better than this and I think it’s great for all children as it is written by a kid and only a kid knows its fantacy world…. Wish you all the very best for your next story… Eagerly waiting for it…. 🙂 <3<3 😉


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