Check this out!!!!1

Hey, The 13 YEAR OLD GIRL I talked about sung a duet with Shaun Mendes. Thanks for your support but she will need more of it. So watch this video, like it, comment on it. Help her get discovered.

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Review for Hardy Boys Tagged for terror

Hello, Guys. I know you might me mad at me for being so late but I had some tests going on and next month I’ll have some more.SO, I’ve been very busy. Her’s another review.

We all love Hardy Boys and I do too so here it is. A book from Hardy BOYS CASEFILES THAT i read recently and I promise it will grip you till the end.Mr. Hardy  is requested by a very wealthy Airport Corporation owner to investigate the case of missing luggage. But Mr. Hardy is busy so The Hardies are all of his hope.

Join the hardies in their life-threatening adventure.


Language: 4.5/5

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

Please read it and follow the Hardies in their new adventure. Thanks, for your support I’ll be back soon.


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As thanksgiving week is here,☺ I want to thank you guys. The readers, followers and everybody who has been here. Thanks.

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Watch “Everyday we will be friends song” on YouTube

It’s a teenage girl singing her own song which she has written. I bet you will like it. So please like it, share it , subscribe to her channel. We need to give her confidence.

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Love at the first SMASH

I think you’d like this story: “Love at the first SMASH” by yashitripathi11 on Wattpad.

On Wattpad I published my book’s first Chapter. The books is ‘Love at the first SMASH’.

Please do read it. It’s the story of the daughter of a single hollywood actress and how her life takes a turnover when she reaches a new school.

“Welcom to New York High, Miss Banks. I hope you enjoy it here. Tell your mom that I am her huge fan” he said and got up. 

Guys, please read this book and share it. I will be waitinv for your comments.Did you get any hint from the title, think again.

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Day 3 of 3 quotes in 3 days

Finally, today is the last day of this challenge. I end it up with a harry potter quote. I love hp and here is what I give to this challenge:
Dumbledore is always the best. This quote gives me hope in the darkest of hours that somewhere there is light waiting for me and I have just to find it.
Finally I nominate:
As it is the last day I again pay my compliments to angandmae for nominating me.

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Day 2 of 3 quotes in three days

As I have already told you all that I was nominated for 3 quotes in 3 days challenge. I sat thinking today about which book should I quote and finally I ended up with Lord of the Rings.
This quote says that if one somehow wavers from his goal it doesn’t mean that he can never get to the goal again. One mistake can be forgiven and life can be lived again.
Today I nominate:

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