In that Hour of Despondency- My first book

I know that I’ve been away for a long, lone time. The reason is that I was working on a book and well after writing, editing, planning, singing the contract; my first book is finally out.

This book is the product of me working for two years. Technically, three years as I spent one whole year planning the book. Now, that the book is out I’m really glad with the outcome.

Now, let’s talk about the book:


Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Title: In that Hour of Despondency

Author: Yashi Tripathi

Price: International: $11.00

National: rs. 149


Kester Swan had never been one of the brave guys. He had always preferred watching from the sidelines rather than taking action. He always had his best friend, Jennet Wolfham by his side who stood up for him. But when his best friend is brutally murdered, will Kester be able to overcome over the fear which has brought him down his entire life? Will he be able to find out the truth behind her death?

Pages: 121

My views of the book: t’s  book that everyone can read. It’s short so it will not take more than two days to finish. I have developed the story in such a way that it is absolutely impossible to put the book down and the mystery grows deeper and darker as the story unfolds. It follows the story of Kester Swan and his best friend and former crush, Jennet Wolfham’s life s it takes unexpected and gut wrenching turns.

Below are the links to buy my book from:


Snapdeal: (US/UK):

Soon the book will also be available on and Infibeam.

See ya! Hope you check it out 🙂




Two years with WordPress

Hey, all my wonderful readers. Sorry for not being active enough. I know it might suck that I didn’t write enough but I had a lot on my plate and I still have. So, WordPress notified me like a week ago that I had completed two years with it. I was shocked, I didn’t realize that so much time had passed since the day I posted my first post. Thanks to all my 42 followers and the incredible readers that I got the confidence to keep on blogging. Blogging is really great. I love to hear from you all. In every post I post I know that together we embark on a new adventure. My faithful readers have always been patient and supported me. Thanks, Thanks and Thanks for that. I really appreciate it that I have got such great people who support me. These two years would not have been completed if you were not there. Again, Thanks.

I guess it’s time for celebration. Wooohooooooo!!!!!anniversary-2x

Wattpad Weekly Treat #2: It’s a Cruel World, Sir

Hey, guys. I’m back. This time with another story. I love this book and many pther books the author had written. It’s superb.

It’s a Cruel World, Sir

by MorbidCupcake


Lang: 5/5

Plot: 5/5 

Characters: 5/5

Althougn this story is not completed it will keep you mesmerised till the end. This is a student-teacher book. I already told you that it is my fav tag. So, you read the story of a normal girl and who has a not-so normal life as she explores the secrests that the new teacher hides. Sounded cool, right? The story is far more cooler. Plz, read this book I assure you that your valuable time will not be wasted. And this is the first book to recieve full ratings by me. Personally, Ithink the author is a very great writer and person.

See ya.

Wattpad Weekly Treat #1 : Once Upon a Royal Nightstand

How many of you are Wattpadies? I am.

I’ am sure half of you are. Presenting,a weekly segment for you. Wattpad Weekly treat here we will discuss a fantastic story on Wattpad an review it.

I have a secret. Do you know what my favourite tag on wattpad is? No? It’s ‘Student/Teacher’. Yes, I’m not joking but don’t tell my teachers.

Here’s today’s treat. Enjoy!

Book: Once Upon a Royal One-Night Stand

Author:  Aria May

Username: ThatReader

“Oh my god, you’re P-” 

“Prince Matthew Chamberlain III. Nice to meet you too, naked stranger”.

This is not a Student/Teacher book. Think about it,you are a normal girl, studying in a college and then your life changes. It turns magical. Magical in a Royal Way. You might have an idea of what the story is about just by the title. This book is a book which is gaining popularity very fast. This is a must-read. 

This book is both funny and serious. I am sure that you’ll enjoy reading it. I won’t disclose any more of the book plot as I want you to read it. It is not yet complete but Aria updates on time and you will never be able to lose your interest in this story. Enjoy!!!


Plot: 5/5 


Characters: 5/5 

         I love them!

Language: 5/5 

      Anyone can get what is            written

Bye!!! See you soon. Be sure to check it out. 

I’m back

Hey, guys. I’m not dead. I am sooooo sorry for disappearing like that. There were some family problems. They kinda had me under immense pressure. Now that they have been sorted out, I’m back. So, sorry I know U have disappointed you all but my self-confidence kinda vanished and frlt hopeless so there was no way that I could have written something good. 

From, now on, I have lot of surprises for you all jus wait.

Here is a quote that I found out:

Bye for now, I will be back. Today only I will bombard this blog with posts. 

Check this out!!!!1

Hey, The 13 YEAR OLD GIRL I talked about sung a duet with Shaun Mendes. Thanks for your support but she will need more of it. So watch this video, like it, comment on it. Help her get discovered.

Review for Hardy Boys Tagged for terror

Hello, Guys. I know you might me mad at me for being so late but I had some tests going on and next month I’ll have some more.SO, I’ve been very busy. Her’s another review.

We all love Hardy Boys and I do too so here it is. A book from Hardy BOYS CASEFILES THAT i read recently and I promise it will grip you till the end.Mr. Hardy  is requested by a very wealthy Airport Corporation owner to investigate the case of missing luggage. But Mr. Hardy is busy so The Hardies are all of his hope.

Join the hardies in their life-threatening adventure.


Language: 4.5/5

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

Please read it and follow the Hardies in their new adventure. Thanks, for your support I’ll be back soon.



As thanksgiving week is here,☺ I want to thank you guys. The readers, followers and everybody who has been here. Thanks.

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