Review for Twenty Eight and a half wishes by Denise Grower Swank

This book was a new found while I was browsing through my Kindle store. The cover and title attracted it and here I am reviewing it. It is a must read.
It is about a girl who has always been trapped in her life. She is never allowed to have fun and live her life. She knows that she will die in five days and she has only them to live her life to complete twenty eight and a half wishes. Wanna know what were they? What happened next?
Then simply read the book. It was awesome.

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Review for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Classics sometimes are boring. But this one wasn’t. The writer Charlotte Bronte was Emily Bronte’s sister. I have already reviewed Wuthering Heights. Jane Eyre was on my list for many months and here I have finished it.
Charlotte Bronte lived in misery so, the book is mostly sad but the ending is least expected.
It is about an orphan girl who is brought up by her rich aunt due to her kind uncle’s wish. When the uncle dies the girl is thrashed and insulted often.
She is sent to school and then takes her job as governess. It’s then when her life changes.
Read it and I’m sure you’ll love it.images (17)

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Review for A French girl in New York by Anna Adams

I was browsing through Amazon Kindle when I found this fantastic book. It was awesome.
Characters: 5/5
They were amazing.
Plot: 5/5
It’s definitely for music lovers but it will still fascinate you if you aren’t one.
Language: 4.5/5
Nothing’s perfect.
So, this book is about a ambitious girl, Maude Laurent who is living with her foster parents in a very boring town of Carven. It’s her journey as people discover her talents, she discovers her identity and as the title says moves to NYC.
Music is all she is, it is written as the author feels it itself and as I write this post, I’m listening to some opera overtures.

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It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I am so happy. Oh my! Ahem, sorry.
I am very grateful to you all keep on bestowing your love upon me like this. I need to celebrate.

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Review for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the cursed child

The eighth story. Were the words on the cover. I was so, so excited. I opened the fist page and there they were the characters we loved. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny.
Character: 4/5
Sorry, HP fans but this was a play script rehearsal edition which was like ‘The door opens, Harry Potter exits’
. Well, kinda like this.
Plot: 5/5
Harry Potter plots are always magical
Language: 5/5
It was a play
So, imagine a 40 year old Harry or somewhat smaller. Done? Now, imagine all characters are 40 and then add few children in it. Children who are not behaving like children. So, here it is. Didn’t get it?
Harry’s children are Albus Severus Potter ,James Sirius Potter and Lily Luna Potter. Malfoy’s son is Scorpius.
So, be ready to time travel and see Harry Potter from every angle you could.l While reading the other parts, you might have wondered why this went like this and not like this. But all questions are answered in this part.
Harry Reading to you!

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Review for Star Wars: A new hope

I recently read Ryder Windham’s Star Wars Trilogy’s a new hope. It was not awimages (13)esome as the movie. Star Wars Movies are better than the books but my job is to review them. So, here it is.
Character: 3.5/5
Sorry, Star Wars fans but in the books the character’s were not taken care of, very much.
Plot: 5/5
Plot is superb
Language: 4/5

Luke Skywalker is not happy with his life and knows that there is something big out there waiting for him. He becomes a Jedi and fights who we call Darth Vader. But who is the man behind the mask? Wanna know.
READ IT THEN AND THE REST OF THE PARTS Too. or simply watch the movie.

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Harry Potter and the cursed child is on at last

In most of my posts I have been boasting about harry potter and the cursed child. My copy is booked and is to arrive tomorrow. You will be getting the review soooooooooooooon! I am a huge Potterhead. I can’t wait.

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